Heavy-Duty Tile and Stone Cleaner

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Powerful and gentle cleaner. Removes lime deposits, cement coating, rust and tenacious dirt. For interior and exterior applications.
Made in Germany

Hazard information


May be corrosive to metals. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Tiles, ceramic floor paving stones, acid-insensitive natural stone, such as granite, shale, quartzite and stainless steel surfaces.Perfect for cleaning kitchens, showers, bathrooms, toilets and swimming pools. Perfectly suited for cleaning balconies and patios.
Do not use on acid-sensitive tiles and surfaces (calcareous natural stones, such as marble, shell limestone, Solnhofer, Jura, Travertine). Be careful with aluminum and chrome. Test on an inconspicuous spot. The MELLERUD Tiles and Stone Cleaner is perfectly suited for the removal of rust spots on acidresistant surfaces, such as ceramic patio tiles. We recommend MELLERUD Grease, Wax and Dirt Solvent for the removal of waxy, greasy and oily dirt.
Spray on with a trigger sprayer and wipe on with a sponge (may be diluted with water). If using a concentrated solution, wet floors first in the joint areas. Do not let dry. Process with a hard brush and rinse with plenty of water.
Ingredients: waterbased mixture of inorganic acids and surfactants
PH value: strongly acidic
Density: 1,12 g/cm3
Consumption: 1,0 l is adequate for ca. 10 - 15 m2, depends on the character of the surface and the quantity of dirt