Terracotta Cleaner

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Concentrated cleaner for all acid-resistant clay surfaces. effectively removes dirt, film and salt efflorescence. Self-acting.

Made in Germany

Hazard information


May be corrosive to metals. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

For cleaning flower pots, plant pots, vases, statues, sculptures, fountains mad from terracotta, Cotto and unglazed clay. For the removal of efflorescence on exterior Cotto paving stone.
Important Tip: Do not use a hard brush on sensitive terracotta surfaces. Apply product only onto wet surfaces, leave on and rinse with plenty of water. The product contains acid. Always wear protective clothing (gloves, goggles). Always place containers on an acid-resistant surface or protective mat (such as PVC). Avoid direct contact with plants. Test for surface compatibility before treatment. To avoid new efflorescence and dirt deposits always rinse well with water and treat with MELLERUD Terracotta Waterproofing after drying.
Surface must be wet. Apply cleaner diluted with water (1:5) using a sponge or a brush. Leave on. Keep surface damp; do not allow to dry. Take off any residue with a brush or a sponge and wipe off. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary for heavily soiled objects. Leave on longer and rework using a hard brush or a sponge. Smaller containers may be soaked in a diluted 1:20 solution for several hours. Brush off any residue and rinse with plenty of water.Important! Always rinse with plenty of water and water any plants in treated pots well.
Ingredients: waterbased mixture of surfactants, organic and inorganic acids
PH value: 0,0 - 0,5
Density: 1,08 g/cm3
Consumption: depends on the quantity of dirt
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