Stainless Steel and Chrome Care

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250 ml bottle

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Cleans and protects all top-quality stainless steel and chrome surfaces in one step. Protects surfaces from dirt, renders surfaces water-resistant. Prevents corrosion spots. Preserves and protects in one step. The nanotechnological protective film creates an effective anti fingerprint effect. All surfaces are fingerprint protected.

Made in Germany

Hazard information

Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

For kitchens, hoods, kitchen profiles, kitchen appliances, stove profiles, fittings as well as stainless steel and chrome furniture lining Can be used for stainless steel and chrome banisters and accelerators.
Do not touch the surface until it is completely dry. Clean very greasy and crusty surfaces first with MELLERUD Kitchen Grease Remover.
Soak a soft, dry cloth with MELLERUD Stainless Steel and Chrome Care. Thinly apply product to the dry surface and leave on. Wipe off the dissolved dirt. Wipe off again with a dry and soft cloth.
Ingredients: special oil with inhibitor and care components
PH value: not applicable
Density: ~860 kg/m³
Consumption: very productive
Package: (29,40 EUR / l)