Shower Cubicle Clean and Care

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Removes lime and soap residue. Cleans and cares in one step. Prevents lime buildup. Protects tiles, joints and glass separations through new run-off effect. Your shower will always be clean and shiny.

Made in Germany

Hazard information

Due to available data this product is not classified as a dangerous mixture according to CLP regulation (EC) 1272/2008. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.

For aluminum and synthetic showers, glass and acrylic glass separation walls as well as shower curtains.
The shower cleaner can also be used for coated glass without damaging the coating. In order to protect the environment, the product is also offered in a 1 quart refill bottle.
Recommended for constant cleaning. Simply spray on after a shower, leave on and rinse with water. In case of tenacious dirt, use a sponge. In case of tenacious lime deposits and rust spots we recommend MELLERUD Limestone and Rust Solution.
Ingredients: Waterbased Mixture of organic acids and surfactants
PH value: 2,1< pH ≤ 2,5
Density: ~1000 kg/m3
Consumption: very productive, use undiluted
Package: (12,60 EUR / l)