Rapid Descaler

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A natural acid combination is highly effective and gently removes lime deposits, scale and encrustations with no unpleasant vapour. Saves energy. Increases appliance service life.

Made in Germany

Hazard information


Causes serious eye damage.

For coffee machines, hot-water heaters, kettles and tea-makers, steam irons, washing machines, steam cleaners, immersion heaters, shower heads, etc.
Always follow the manufacturer's descaling instructions.
Dosage: mix approx. 60ml of descaler and 250ml of water. Small appliances (e.g. kettle, iron): Add mixture to water container, heat to about 60°C, and leave stand for about 15 minutes. Pour out or drain off and rinse with clear water. Coffee-makers/machines: Add mixture to device's water tank. Turn on. Allow half the mixture to run through the machine. Turn off. Allow to stand for 15 minutes. Allow the rest to run through. Rinse with two cans of clean water. Washer: ½ the bottle to one washing machine water filling. Heat to 40°C. Leave to stand for at least one hour. Turn on the main wash cycle. Turn off halfway through the cycle. Allow to stand for one more hour. Complete the main wash cycle. Rinse.
Ingredients: natural acid combination
PH value: 1,5 - 1,8
Density: 1,040 g/cm3
Consumption: Mix approx. 60 ml of descaler with 250 ml of water.
Package: 0.5 l bottle with child-safety seal