Parquet and Cork Shine Cleaner

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Combination of active ingredients based on renewable raw materials and natural care components clean and protect parquet, wood and cork flooring in one pass. Reconditioning and dirt-resistant. Regular use protects against marks of aging such as darkening, discolouration or fading of the flooring.

Made in Germany

Hazard information

Due to available data this product is not classified as a dangerous mixture according to CLP regulation (EC) 1272/2008. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.

Parquet, wood flooring, floor boards and cork floors, suitable for sealed and waxed surfaces.
Wood and cork floors are sensitive to moisture, and are thus at risk of swelling. Therefore, mop only with a damp rag, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture, and wipe away any puddles immediately. Use a lower dose if streaking results. Do not step onto the surface while it is drying.
Add approx. 60ml to a 10-litre bucket of lukewarm water. Mix well. Spread evenly with a squeegee and wipe as usual. Do not wipe off – just let dry. The shine emerges on its own.
Ingredients: Natural wax emulsion
PH value: 6,5- 7,0
Density: 0,994 g/cm3
Consumption: Very efficient
Package: 1.0 l bottle with child-safety seal