Oven and BBQ Cleaner

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Removes safely and effectively burnt-on fat, obstinate encrustations, greasy and oily deposits. Indoor and outdoor use

Made in Germany

Hazard information


May be corrosive to metals. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Ovens, grills, grilling appliances, barbecues, stainless steel surfaces, hobs, hotplates, fireresistant
After use, rinse the spray-gun out well with clean water, and replace the child-resistant closure. Do not apply to painted surfaces, aluminium, zinc or plastics. The product is unsuitable for use in self-cleaning ovens. Test for product compatibility before use on an inconspicuous area. Sensitive substrates such as lawns and stone or highly-polished surfaces should be well protected before the treatment, for example by sheets of cardboard or foil. When using the Oven and BBQ Cleaner, please be sure to follow the warning instructions on the label.
Only apply to surfaces which have cooled down! Before applying, remove coarse encrustation with a spatula or blunt blade. Spray MELLERUD Oven and BBQ Cleaner on undiluted, or apply with a sponge, and allow to work in for 10 –15 minutes. Work it in with the sponge or a brush, then rinse copiously with clean water. When encrustation is obstinate, repeat the treatment, if necessary lengthening the time for working in. Regular treatment will prevent residues burning in.
Ingredients: Waterbased mixture of surfactants and alkalis
PH value: 12,5< pH≤ 14,0 (strong alkaline)
Density: 1060 kg/m3
Consumption: extremely economical, depending on type and extent of dirt
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