Mould Shield

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Long-lasting indoor protection of various surfaces, e.g. wallpaper, plaster, concrete, clay bricks, chalky sandstone, gypsum, natural stone, wood, etc. from mould, fungi, algae and green growth. Prevents mould growth everywhere indoors where unfavourable conditions as to air moisture are found, e.g. in the cellar, sanitary area, kitchen, bedrooms, saunas, etc. Can be used in places where mould often develops due to cold bridges, for instance at window corners or behind furniture, cabinets and pictures, under wall panelling, etc. Since the product is odourless, it can be used in children’s rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Suitable for all absorbent substrates, e.g. painted or wallpapered walls and ceilings, tiles, joints or natural stones. (Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

Made in Germany

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Causes serious eye irritation.

For interior use on walls, ceilings, tiles, joints and masonry. For all absorbent mineral surfaces, also suitable for wallpaper.
Mould fungi and its spores represent a serious health risk. They should therefore always be thoroughly removed and measures should be taken to prevent them from growing back. One factor that leads to frequent mould formation is raised humidity.
On surfaces that are already wallpapered or painted: Before application, any mould fungi and spores or other organic growths must be thoroughly removed. To achieve this in sanitary rooms and on washable surfaces, use MELLERUD Mould Destroyer, in living areas and on absorbent surfaces that cannot be washed off, e.g. wallpaper, plaster or gypsum board, use MELLERUD Mould Remover. Then allow surface to dry out thoroughly and carry out any necessary renovation work. After drying, apply a saturating, fully covering amount of MELLERUD Mould Protection, if possible extending 1 m beyond the area at risk using a sprayer, roller applicator or brush. The product is absolutely odour-free. Test for surface compatibility prior to application at a less prominent location. The treated surfaces can be painted when renovation work is done. On mineral substrates, e.g. plaster, gypsum: Prior to treatment, the surface must be thoroughly dried. Then spay a saturating amount of Mould Protection onto affected areas. Allow to dry thoroughly. Then wallpaper or paint as desired.
Ingredients: waterbased silionic emulsion and biocidal agent
PH value: 6,3 - 7,0
Density: 0,990 g/cm3
Consumption: 0,5 l is adequate for 5-10 m² depends on the quality and the absorbency of the surface
Package: (18,90 EUR / l)