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Microbiological test kit for rapid determination of levels of airborne mould fungi contamination at home and at the workplace.

For the analysis of airborne microorganisms.

Made in Germany
The test kit is suitable for use in all enclosed spaces, such as rooms, cellars, caravans, garden sheds, on-board boats and ships and indoor workplaces.
Where there are high levels of airborne contamination, mould fungi can cause certain ailments, such as asthma attacks, allergies, cold-like symptoms, headache, tiredness and irritation of mucous membranes, and may also cause foodstuffs to deteriorate. Mould fungi can also cause serious infectious disorders! As a rule, critical levels of contamination occur in damp, frequently occupied and poorly ventilated rooms. The level of contamination can differ considerably between individual rooms in a single house or flat. A regularly used child’s room, the kitchen or a damp cellar can often be badly contaminated, while levels in living room and bedroom are usually lower. Any such variations can be detected by means of comparative testing by exposing a sporometer in each room. Please ensure that the windows and doors of the test room are closed during the test!
1. Remove the sporometer in its sealed bag and the instruction leaflet from the container. 2. Please read the instruction leaflet thoroughly before conducting the test. 3. Open the sterile packaging using a pair of scissors. 4. Remove the sporometer from the packaging and place it in a horizontal position at the test site. 5. Carefully remove the sliding cover marked with a cross (1) until the dark test surfaces in both containers are exposed. 6. Remove the protective foil* (2) from the test surfaces. Please draw the foil horizontally from the test surfaces towards you and dispose of it appropriately. Ensure that you avoid breathing on the exposed test surfaces, that you do not come into contact with them and that you avoid unnecessarily disturbing the air in their vicinity. *Anmerkung des Übersetzers: “foil” falls aus Metall, “film” falls aus Plastik 7. Cautiously leave the test site. 8. The sporometer test box should be left in place for 30 minutes (exposure time). When the time is up, close the box carefully using the slider and return it to the carton. 9. Now store the sporometer in a horizontal position in a secure place at room temperature for 5 days to allow the colonies to develop (incubation time). Do not place the sporometer on cold surfaces! Remove the sporometer from the carton and count the number of colonies that have developed. Use the log form and the guideline table to evaluate the result of the test. 10. If mould fungi colonies have developed on the test surfaces, please treat these with MELLERUD Mould Exterminator or MELLERUD Mould Remover prior to disposal. IMPORTANT: You should of course not do this if you have commissioned a laboratory analysis!
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