Grout Cleaner

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0.5 l spray bottle

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Removes dirt, grease and deposits. Joint cleaner. Good cleaning success. Removes even tenacious dirt from tile joints in kitchens.

Made in Germany

Hazard information

Causes serious eye damage.

Joints on wall and floor tiles, small tiles, screens, natural stones and other walls.
Due to color changes, test on an inconspicuous spot for surface compatibility. For thoroughly cleaning your kitchen cabinets, hoods, work surfaces, etc. we recommend MELLERUD Kitchen Grease Remover. Removes greasy film and greasy deposits in kitchens. we recommend MELLERUD Mould Exterminator to remove mildew and mould on tiles and joints in bathrooms.
Apply at a 1: 3 product-water dilution. Apply with MELLERUD spray gun for tenacious dirt. Leave on for several minutes. Scrub with a brush. Clean brush regularly with clean water. Repeat if necessary.
Ingredients: Waterbased mixture of surfactants, phosphates, chelating agents
PH value: 10,5 < pH ≤ 11,4
Density: 1,03 g/cm3
Consumption: depents on way and intensity of dirt
Package: (14,70 EUR / l)