Dehumidifier air-Xcess

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The concept of the aerodynamic tablet container and the corresponding cover ventilation ensures a consistent air circulation around the air-X-tab, thereby significantly improving the absorption action. In rooms with elevated humidity MELLERUD air-Xcess ensures a healthy room climate, creating no noise. The new dehumidifier products from MELLERUD impress with their technical innovation and the attractive design made from high-quality ABS plastic.

Hazard information


Causes serious eye irritation.

Kitchens, cellars, bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, cupboards, stores and maintenance rooms, summer houses and holiday homes, camper vans, caravans, boats.
To ensure flawless function it is advisable to check the absorbed liquid quantity (viewing panel) and the consumption of the air-X tab (tab container) on a weekly basis. If the air-X tab has dissolved a white sediment may remain in the tab container. This should be rinsed out with warm water before using the new tab and before opening the tab container. The MAX level on the cover indicates the maximum permitted liquid quantity to ensure no leaks.
Mode of action: the tablet consists of a natural salt which, as a result of its hygroscopic nature, is able to bind excess humidity. In doing so it produces no harmful vapours, which means the moisture killer can be used in living rooms and bedrooms without hesitation. Once the air-X tab has been dissolved, it can be easily replaced using the practical refill tab. This refill tab has been specially developed to operate with the air-Xtreme and air-Xcess dehumidifiers but can also be used as an all-purpose tab in most other conventional models.
Ingredients: hygroscopic natural salt in tablet form
PH value: nicht anwendbar
Density: nicht anwendbar
Consumption: depending on the level of humidity and the room temperature an air-X tab lasts about 2 months