Wood Oil Colourless

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Water-based care that can be applied by brush or sprayed, based on natural oils to restore and protect all wood. Dries rapidly and produces a natural timber tone and semi-matt shine, highlights the texture. Makes the wood water repellent, protects against weathering and turning grey. The wood remains breathable and resistant to water and dirt.

Made in Germany

Hazard information

Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Contains propiconazole, 3-Iodo-2-propynylbutylcarbamate. May produce an allergic reaction.

Wood surfaces, indoors and outdoors. For decking on balconies, patios or pathways, furniture, fencing, pergolas, privacy screens etc.
Optimum processing and drying temperature: +15°C – +30°C, drying temperature min. 5°C Always test an inconspicuous area for compatibility before use. We recommend one test coat. Increasing the number of coats darkens the wood.
Wood Oil must never be applied over dirt or oil deposits as this will turn the wood a very dark colour and will blacken it over time. For this reason first thoroughly clean the surface, for example using Wood and WPC Cleaner or Hardwood Reviver, get rid of stubborn stains using fine sandpaper as required and clean again using the cleaning product to clear all pores of dust. The surface must be dust and grease free. Then leave the wood to properly dry. Stir Wood Oil well!!!!! Paint: Apply evenly and thinly with a soft brush, cloth or roller in the direction of the grain. Spray: Please observe the manufacturer's directions for the sprayer! Cover the surrounding area well. Spray thinly The quantity you apply needs to be adjusted to the absorbency of the surface. Do not use in excess. Remove any liquid that is still unabsorbed after 10 minutes with a cloth. Only walk on the surface once it is dry (approx. 2–3 hrs) and protect against rain until it is fully dry. Repeat treatment if the effect diminishes.
Ingredients: water-based oil resin containing care product
PH value: ca. 7,5 -8,5
Density: 1,0 g/cm3
Consumption: 0,75 l is adequate for ca. 8-12m2 (single coat), depends on the absorbency and quality of the surface