Wood Shield

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For long-term protection of hardwood surfaces. Does not change the appearance of the wood. Preserves the specific grey patina that occurs naturally when these woods age. Prevents penetration of wetness and spots. Protects wood from weathering influences; Rain, sun and temperature changes then cause less damage to the wood. UVresistant. The surface becomes soil and water-repellent. Organic growths cannot take hold. Serves to preserve the value of the wood.

Made in Germany

Hazard information


Flammable liquid and vapour.

Furniture, pergolas, carports, pavilions made of teak, cedar, azobé, atzelia, bankirai, robinia, chestnut
Repeat treatment when the effects begin to slack off, if moisture penetrates into the wood again and if the colour turns darker after rain. Initial treatment is recommended prior to initial use so as to provide lasting protection of the furnishings from weathering influences. Treatment of tabletops is to be recommended in particular to protect these surfaces from spots resulting from food residues and water. We recommend treatment of pre-waxed or pre-oiled new furniture with Mellerud Wood Shield. In these cases, apply a thin, even layer of product to the surface depending on how absorbent the wood is. Important: After Wood Shield has been applied, oil and wood glaze no longer be applied. Information concerning wintering for teak furniture: Teakwood has a natural oil content, it contains silicate and wax. Due to their own nature, and treated with Wood Shield, the furniture can tolerate being left out-of-doors all year round. Nonetheless, we recommend storing them for the winter in an unheated room to preserve their value (cellar or garage). Store product cool and protected from frost!
Always remove dust from the surface before application. Use MELLERUD Wood & WPC Cleaner to clean older and soiled surfaces thoroughly, then allow to dry. Apply a first saturating layer of Wood Shield evenly with a brush. Apply as much as the wood can absorb in a brief period, however avoiding pools. Then allow to dry for at least 24 hours in a protected place, before the wood is again exposed to the weather.
Ingredients: waterbased mixture of spezial hydrophobic agents
PH value: ca. 5,0
Density: 1,0 g/cm³
Consumption: 8-10m², depends on the soborbency of the surface