Granite Floor Cleaner and Care

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Cleaning and care with an active ingredient combination optimally formulated for the natural stone granite. Thoroughly removes soiling, fatty and oily deposits and protects the stone from drying out with a special care component. Product therefore preserves the natural beauty of the floor.
Made in Germany

Hazard information

Due to available data this product is not classified as a dangerous mixture according to CLP regulation (EC) 1272/2008. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.

For all granite surfaces in living room, kitchen and bathroom. Also for commercial areas. Suitable for floors, wall panelling, windowsills, kitchen working surfaces, etc. For use both indoors and outdoors.
To protect the valuable natural stone granite from water spots and penetration of fatty and oily spots, we recommend impregnation with MELLERUD Marble and Natural Stone Impregnator.
Pour ¼ cup into a pail (8-10 l) of warm water and mix well. Apply evenly with applicator or cloth, let stand briefly, then mop again with the cleaning solution. If smearing occurs on highly polished floors, reduce cleaner dosage.
Ingredients: waterbased mixture of surfactants and care components
PH value: 9,2 - 9,6
Density: 1,00 g/cm3
Consumption: very productive, ¼ cup in 8-10 l water
Package: (7,35 EUR / l)