Drain Free

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Quickly frees backed-up drains and pipelines. Intrinsic action also eliminates unpleasant odours.
Made in Germany

Hazard information


May be corrosive to metals. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Works in washbasins, sinks, shower trays, bathtubs, toilets and other drains. Rapid dissolution of residues from food, soap, hair, cotton wool, etc. in drains and pipelines. Deicing of frozen drains.
Product reacts vigorously with water, whereby heat is produced. Overdosage may result in overheating and thus to deformation of plastic pipes or to solidifications in the pipeline. Do not use aluminium containers and do not use in zinc pipes. Never close drains with a drainplug. Never pour water into product bottle. Close package tightly after use. Do not pour product into wastebasket or garbage pail.
Remove backed-up water in case of drain and pipeline blockage. Pour half a capful (approx. 30 g) into the drain opening, then pour in a cup of cold water. (Caution, danger of splashing!) Allow about ½ hour for product to work. Then flush with generous amounts of cold water. In stubborn cases, repeat procedure and let stand for a longer period. To prevent development of odours, put ¼ capful of Pipe-Free in the drain once a week, followed by a cup of cold water.
Ingredients: sodium hydroxide and additives
PH value: 13,0 - 14,0
Density: 1,23 g/cm3
Consumption: 0.6 kg is adequate for ca. 20-30 applications.