Awning and Upholstery Waterproofer

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0.5 l spray bottle

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Highly effective, long lasting impregnation for natural and synthetic materials. Repels water and dirt and prevents mould.

Made in Germany

Hazard information

Due to available data this product is not classified as a dangerous mixture according to CLP regulation (EC) 1272/2008. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.

Awnings, umbrellas, sun roofs, window and greenhouse awnings made of natural or synthetic fibers, such as linen, acrylic, cotton, etc. Also suited for tents, convertible roofs, boat coverings, tarpaulin and canvas covers.
Heat accelerates the protection effect. Therefore, use in dry and warm weather. Sun does not cause any damage! Store product at a cool and frost-free place!
Clean well using MELLERUD Sunblind Cleaner. Remove any residual cleaner with plenty of water – rinse well. Make sure there is no more foam. Let dry well! Spray MELLERUD Sunblind waterproofing at a distance of about 10 inches to the dry weather side of the material. Do not soak, the surface should only be lightly dampened. Just let dry.
Ingredients: waterbased mixture of spezial hydrophobic agents
PH value: 6,0 - 7,0
Density: 1,00 g/cm3
Consumption: 0,5 l is adequate for ca. 8-10 m²
Package: (18,90 EUR / l)