Algae and Green Growth Remover

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Removes green residues, such as algae and dirt. Prevents new algae and green growth. Removes slippery coatings as well as dirt from plants and trees. Maintains the value and removes optical defects of the treated surfaces. Neutral, chlorine and acid-free.

Made in Germany

Hazard information


Causes serious eye damage. Causes skin irritation. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Security advise

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. This product is NOT a plant protection agent.

Stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramics surfaces. Also for sanitary objects. For natural and artificial stone, like granite, sandstone, composite stone products, washed concrete, concrete, plaster, clinker. Cleans patios, walkways, driveways, stairs, fences, roof tiles, walls and facades, also campingcars and boats
Surface must be dry before treatment. If it rains within 4 hours after treatment, Algae and Moss Remover must be reapplied. Rinse well with water if used on synthetic surfaces. Apply undiluted cleaner (1:20). Wait until the surface is dry before applying another coat. Then you can paint the surface without cleaning it first. CAUTION! Avoid direct contact with flowers, plants and grass. In case of contact rinse well and water plants thoroughly. After the cleaner is dry, it is safe for pets. Toxic for fish. Optimal application is a 1:20 undiluted solution applied with a garden sprayer.
Spray on undiluted (max. 1:20) using a garden sprayer or a watering can. Do not rinse with water. Distribute evenly. Self-acting cleaner. Leave on for at least 24 hours. Can be left on for several days. Remove residue with a hard brush or a broom
Ingredients: Waterbased mixture of desinfectants, surfactants and efficiency booster.
PH value: 6,5< pH≤ 8,0 (neutral-slightly alkaline)
Density: 1,00 g/cm3
Consumption: 1,0 L is adequate for 10-15 m², diluted up to 1:20 is adequate for 100-150 m² depends on way of usage and character of surface
Package: (7,35 EUR / l)