Motorhome and Caravan Cleaner

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An effective maintenance cleaner for removing road and other outdoor dirt, fat, oil, diesel, insects etc. For regular routine cleaning. Produces a streak-free bright sheen and improved water repellence. Protects against renewed build-up of dirt. Biodegradable.

Made in Germany
For all painted and plastic surfaces in motorhomes, caravans, camper vans, boats and many other applications.
Do not apply in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Rubbing dry produces more of a shine and a streak-free surface. Regular use reinforces the water run-off properties.
Pour ½ cupful (approx. 60 -80 ml) into a (8-10 litre) bucket, add water and mix well. Apply evenly with a sponge or a soft brush, leave to soak in for a while, then thoroughly work in. Afterwards, wash off with clean water and rub dry. The shine comes automatically.
Ingredients: waterbased mixture of surfactants
PH value: 5,0 - 5,5
Density: 1,01 g/cm3
Consumption: very productive, depending on the quantity of dirt
Package: (13,65 EUR / l)