Bathroom Power Cleaner

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0.5 l spray bottle

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Cleaner for quick and effective removal of lime deposits, soap and dirt residues, graying or rust. Dissolves ugly deposits and prevents bacteria and germs from settling. Sanitary cleanliness and shine.The new gel formula helps the cleaner to stay on surfaces longer and works better against dirt and lime.

Made in Germany

Hazard information


May be corrosive to metals. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

All acid-resistant surfaces in bathrooms and showers, such as tiles (no natural stone tiles!), sinks, bath tubs, spas, shower tubs, shower separating walls, fittings and toilets, synthetic surfaces. Also suited to remove lime from shower heads.
Apply on a inconspicuous spot first when using on chrome fittings and enamel surfaces. Do not use on acid-sensitive materials (calcareous natural stones, such as marble, shell limestone, Solnhofer, Jura, Travertine or some granite types, such as Padang). Always test on an inconspicuous spot before using!
Spray undiluted onto the surface and leave on. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Rework with a sponge in heavily soiled areas and rinse with water. Leave on linger on acid-insensitive surfaces, such as ceramics, glass, porcelain and acrylic. No polishing necessary.
Ingredients: Waterbased mixture of surfactants and organic acids
PH value: 0,0< pH≤1,0 (highly acidic)
Density: ~ 1040 kg/m³
Consumption: very productive, depending on the quantity of dirt
Package: (14,70 EUR / l)