The 5 most frequent problems in summer

Summertime is the most beautiful time for the garden and patio. Most of your spare time is spent outside of the four walls: the BBQ is used more often, doors are left open and there is a lively coming and going of friends and family on balmy evenings. Summer brings with it many wonderful times but also entails some issues with dirt. So what are the most frequent problems and how can we best tackle them?


Window panes:

Pollen, bird droppings, blossom debris and fingerprints from frequently opening the windows, leave behind a number of unattractive marks in the warm summer months. If this dirt is decorating your window panes, MELLERUD Glass Cleaner Concentrate is the best product: It cleans without streaks and creates sparkling shine. It cleans both the window panes and the frames.



In the summer, awnings protect against strong sunlight and offer shade for enjoyable times on your balcony and patio. But it is not only the sun that damages awnings: rain, wind, blossom debris and bird droppings are also particular problems in summer. To restore the awnings' lustre and provide long-term protection, MELLERUD Awning Cleaner can help. For regular cleaning and intensive cleaning prior to waterproofing.



Just quickly hopping barefoot from the garden into the living room, quickly showing your flat or house to new friends at BBQ parties or children's feet when playing tag outside and inside. This time of year the flooring is used especially often without prior cleaning.  MELLERUD Grease, Wax & Dirt Remover dissolves even stubborn dirt. Ideal for intensive cleaning – especially in summer.



If encrusted grease decorates your BBQ, MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner will be the quickest to help. It even removes burnt-on food remains and dried-on grease and ensures that stainless steel, ceramic and enamel gleam again as if brand new. If you wish to make it easy to clean next time, brush the grill with a little grease before each BBQ.


Garden furniture:

Just about the most used items in summer are garden chairs and tables. For eating, drinking and relaxing, they are also generally left outside throughout all the warm months. Items that are used so often also need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time. MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner removes things such as: dirt, dust, bird droppings, green growth, grease, food leftovers, suntan lotion splashes, nicotine and much more.

DIY tip!

Plants feel particularly at home in clean terracotta pots. The material is breathable, retains water and also re-releases it. And this is how to make a terracotta pot something special:

Frisch gesäubert erhält der Terracotta Topf so seine besondere Note:

1. Paint the pot using a watercolour in the colour of your choice, with two coats if needed.
2. Then leave it to dry.
3. Then sketch out a pattern on the pot using pencil, unsuccessful images can be erased with a rubber.
4. The pattern can then be painted and following this, the pot sealed using a clear varnish.