Preventing stains on stone and concrete

MELLERUD's impregnators stop stubborn stains on patios and balconies 

Outdoors at last! At the first sign of sunshine and warm days, we open up our balconies and patios and they become an open-air room for the next few months. With all that goes with it - including lots of opportunities for stains and dirt to occur. Outdoors these are especially persistent. Whether grease sprays from the hot BBQ, oil from bike chains and lawnmowers or rust from patio furniture. It's worth preventing these at the start of the outdoor season!

MELLERUD's Concrete, Plaster & Paving Impregnator is excellent at stopping stains arising on patios, balconies and in gardens. Not the worst solution – as anyone who has tried to remove weathered stains from porous stone will agree.

Colourless shield for patios and balconies

Using MELLERUD Concrete, Plaster & Paving Impregnator you can seal patio tiles, seal concrete slabs and seal paving stone – quickly, easily and reliably. Just apply using a roller or a brush and 24 hours later the surface is fully protected. The completely colourless paving impregnator has then cured the pores of the stone and from then on will effectively prevent dirt and stains penetrating deep into the material. Then you just need to wipe clean and regularly repeat the treatment to stop stubborn stains becoming a problem on your patio and paving.

Also acts against algae and green growth

The impregnator's protective film also protects against algae and green growth forming and taking hold of tiles and stone substrates – particularly in the long autumn and winter months. MELLERUD Concrete, Plaster & Paving Impregnator is suitable for all porous wall and floor tiles, paving and patio tiles made of concrete or terrazzo, terracotta, brickwork, clay or lime-sand brick.

Our tip – no pressure!

Pressure washers are a popular tool against algae and green growth on patios and balconies – but are not always the best solution. The harsh water jet pushes micro-organisms deeper into the stone or wood and also causes the surface of the material to become porous. Which means that after cleaning, algae and green growth can establish more quickly and be more tenacious. Removing dirt using a suitable specialist cleaning product is more gentle – whether it be rust, oil stains, grease splashes or green growth. Combined with an effective care product or an impregnator, the material stays permanently clean and dirt comes off easily.

You'll also find MELLERUD's other cleaning and care products for other materials and surfaces on patios and balconies. For example:

MELLERUD Holz Pflege Öl (Teak)

Teak Oil

Protects and cares for fine wood

Protects, preserves and enhances the original, warm tone of hardwood surfaces such as teak, bangkirai, iroko, robinia, eucalyptus or pine. Regular use effectively protects the wood from greying and prevents black spots forming. The oil makes it water repellent and also prevents the surface drying out.

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MELLRUD Wood and WPC Cleaner

Wood and WPC Cleaner

For clean surfaces

Acts against dirt, stains and contamination on WPC surfaces (wood-plastic composites). Easy to use, gentle and reliably effective on floorboards, privacy screens, furniture and much more.

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