Identify, control and prevent mould! MELLERUD. AND IT’S GOOD.

In the cold, damp season the risk of mould forming in your home increases. As do the far-reaching consequences: mould spores can trigger allergic reactions and the mould damages the material that it attacks. Which is why it’s important to quickly identify mould, remove it thoroughly, and ideally stop it forming in the first place. MELLERUD’s anti-mould system gives you a complete product range that has an effective product for every application.

Areas at particular risk are bathrooms and kitchens where a lot of steam is produced. These places in particular need to be checked regularly without forgetting those spots and corners that not easily visible. Cellars, sheds and garages are other places where mould likes to form. Make sure you ventilate and furnish them correctly. Store items in a ventilated and dry place and prevent water logging. It also helps to check air humidity using a hygrometer.

Identify, control and prevent mould

Get rid of mould with the MELLERUD Mould Test
Prevent it using MELLERUD Mould Shield

If, despite all precautions, mould has formed inside your four walls, MELLERUD’s anti-mould range has several aids to remove it. Everything from one source, everything perfectly tailored.

First, you should gain clarity using a MELLERUD Mould Test. The sporometer reliably determines whether mould is present and if so, at what concentration. If your suspicions are confirmed, there are a few things to note when controlling mould. Never pre-treat affected areas – even by touching the area slightly, mould spores can swirl up and have an allergenic effect. To effectively remove mould, the MELLERUD range has two products: MELLERUD Mould Killer Chlorine Free fights mould powerfully without chlorine, using the power of active oxygen, and can be used in sensitive areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and children’s bedrooms. MELLERUD Mould Killer is perfectly suited to bathrooms. It is based on chlorine and is the first choice for washable surfaces such as tiles, grouting, ceilings, brickwork and plastic. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves when using the product and wash your clothing afterwards.

Prevent or stop it occurring in the first place using MELLERUD Mould Inhibitor

MELLERUD Mould Shield works well as protection against mould formation. It protects walls, ceilings, tiles and wallpaper, and actively contributes to a healthy indoor climate. To prevent mould in good time during construction or renovation work you can effectively protect your own four walls from the outset using MELLERUD Mould Inhibitor. Add it to grout and jointing compound, to wallpaper paste or directly to paint, the additive acts against mould as well as fungus and algae growth.

In rooms with high humidity, MELLERUD’s dehumidifiers can help. MELLERUD air-Xcess binds moisture in its salt crystal tablets and reliably protects small areas. MELLERUD air-Xtreme, with its AIR-FLOW system, optimises moisture absorption particularly in large areas, and switches on and off automatically as required to constantly deliver the perfect quantity of air to the replaceable salt crystal tablets inside the device.

Competent solution. Fight mould with a system.

MELLERUD offers products that are perfectly tailored to the most diverse mould problems. 


Test Shows the number of mould spores in the room air. Mould spores trigger the growth of colonies on the test areas of the sporometer. After five days, simply count the colonies, compare with the enclosed reference table and you’ll know for certain whether you are dealing with harmless or increased exposure. Those who wish to request a paid determination of the mould species can send the sporometer for laboratory analysis along with one of the enclosed forms.

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MELLERUD Mould Remover

The active gel based on oxygen effortlessly removes mould, fungal growth and mould stains. The deeply penetrating remover is self-acting and its gel-like texture clings to the surface. The chlorine-free and odour-neutral mould remover is excellently suited to bedrooms and children’s rooms as well as kitchens and store cupboards as it produces no hazardous vapours or decomposition products during use. It is even possible to safely remove mould in cupboards and refrigerators. The active gel also prevents new mould formations. (Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

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MELLERUD Mould Killer

Don't give mould a chance: MELLERUD Mould Killer ensures the thorough and long-term destruction of mould, fungal growth, mould stains and bacteria in the home, saunas and swimming pools. It acts immediately and sustainably and removes even stubborn mould – on tiles, grouting, walls, ceilings, masonry, wood, plastic or silicone joints. MELLERUD Mould Killer contains chlorine and therefore acts as a bleach as well as a disinfectant. (Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

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MELLERUD Mould Shield

Effective mould prevention. MELLERUD Mould Shield gives wallpaper, plaster, concrete, brick, limestone, gypsum, natural stone and wood lasting protection against mould growth. It is particularly effective in critical indoor areas such as cellars, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and saunas as well as behind poorly ventilated furniture, cupboards, pictures, mirrors and wall coverings, where moulds quickly settle. MELLERUD Mould Shield is odourless and can also be used without hesitation in children's rooms as well as living rooms and bedrooms. (Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

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MELLERUD Mould Inhibitor

Intelligent mould protection: Simply stir into grouting or jointing compound, mortar, plaster, adhesive or wallpaper paste or paint and every water-dilutable construction material becomes an anti-mould product. MELLERUD Mould Inhibitor acts immediately and sustainably against mould, fungus and algae build-up in all critical areas. It also provides permanent protection against new mould growth on heat bridges and problem areas with poor ventilation or humidity conditions. (Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

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