BBQ ready for the new season

Made it. Winter has passed, the new BBQ season can finally start. Now there is nothing to do other than go outside and enjoy the first barbecue party. To make your steaks, skewers and the rest taste even better, it's best to start the BBQ season by spring cleaning your BBQ equipment.

If your BBQ is still decorated with encrusted grease from last season, MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner will be the quickest to help. It even removes burnt-on food remains and dried-on grease and ensures that stainless steel, ceramic and enamel gleam again as if brand new. If you wish to make it easy to clean next time, brush the grill with a little grease before each BBQ.

Another product that is suitable for deep cleaning your BBQ is MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser. It not only extensively rids the BBQ of unpleasant grease films but also gets to grips with grease splashes on the ground. And if your new trainers get a few grease splashes at the next BBQ, MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser can also help.

These products mean that in just a few minutes, your kitchen is restored to its former glory.
MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner 0.5 l,
MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser,
MELLERUD Ceramic Hob Cleaner,
MELLERUD Stainless Steel and Chrome Care

BBQ sauce recipe

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