Wood furniture in the garden – sitting pretty all summer.

MELLERUDs cleaning and care combination for wood brings back the sparkle to well-used wooden furniture.

In the summer months, your own garden often provides the loveliest spot to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Wood furniture in particular creates a welcoming atmosphere in your outside area. Wood is always a very popular choice as it offers a wide variety of materials, and with the proper care, it is very long lasting. This of course means that if you wish to enjoy your garden furniture for many years to come, it needs to be kept dry and stored indoors over winter. However, wood furniture is also exposed to extreme weathering in warm periods. Luckily, there is a practical and professional aid that restores well-worn furniture to its former beauty – Mellerud's wood cleaning and care combination

Bye bye dirt!

Successful cleaning of your wooden garden furniture needs you first to clean off the loose dirt. The easiest way of doing this is using MELLERUD Wood and WPC Cleaner. This is highly effective against deposits and soiling – and does not attack the surface. Depending on how you use it, the cleaner even preserves the wood's natural patina. If that's not to your taste, you can then use MELLERUD Hardwood Reviver for hardwood surfaces such as bangkirai, oak, larch, robinia or teak. This highly adhesive wood reviver bleaches and brightens the surface, restoring the wood to its natural colour.

Enjoy the summer, all spick and span.

Now the real maintenance starts: using MELLERUD Wood Oils. These are available in colourless, teak and dark oak versions. MELLERUD Wood Oil colourless combines features that care for your wood with protection against decay, fungus, mould and blue stain. MELLERUD Wood Oils, Teak and Dark Oak, maintain and protect the wood from weathering and their pigment also produces the desired shade. Prior treatment using MELLERUD Wood and WPC Cleaner or MELLERUD Hardwood Reviver means that your garden furniture is optimally prepared and you can start using the wood oils straight away. Stir Wood Oil well! Then paint or spray the suitable oil thinly and evenly – ideally at a temperature of +15–30°C. Any unabsorbed liquid needs to be removed after a few minutes. Then the wood needs to dry thoroughly for approx. 2–3 hours. Now your furniture is well maintained and protected against weathering, UV radiation and greying.

In summary: Looking after your garden furniture with long-lasting and professional protection saves you a tremendous amount of work in the future – and lets you enjoy the warm weather to the full with a clear conscience.