Well protected throughout the year. Sealants protect both the material and your nerves.

In spring, your garden, patio, balcony and home are woken from their winter hibernation. They are cleaned, prettified and made fit for summer. Those who follow a few simple rules in their spring clean will conserve effort, time, and their nerves throughout the rest of the year as well as next year's spring clean. For instance by simply treating surfaces after cleaning, with the relevant impregnator and effectively preventing new dirt.

Throughout the home and outdoors – sealing tiles

Tiles can be found in virtually all areas of the home and often in places where surfaces need to offer a high level of resistance. For example, in bathrooms, kitchens, or on patios and balconies. Those who wish to delight in their tiles and porcelain stoneware for a long time to come and preserve the beauty of the surfaces, should ideally use a combination of MELLERUD cleaners and impregnator when cleaning the material. For a heavy-duty clean following renovation, building work or a long winter, use MELLERUD Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner, MELLERUD Cement Residue Remover or MELLERUD Porcelain Stoneware Clean & Care, the specialist cleaning product for high-gloss and matt porcelain stoneware or glazed tiles, marble floors and shiny stone floors indoors and outdoors

After cleaning you should seal porcelain stoneware and tiles – this retains the shine and cleanliness for a longer period. The right product for this is MELLERUD Porcelain Stoneware Impregnator. The tile sealant is suitable for virtually all kinds of porcelain stoneware on floors, walls, worktops or tables. In addition, the specialist impregnator sustainably protects the material from oily, greasy or aqueous stains. It is extremely simple to use: apply a very thin and even coating of the neat product to the dry, clean substrate with a brush or paint roller. Do not use in excess. After one hour absorb the excess impregnator with a clean cloth. Finished!

Removing and preventing green growth

Given the right conditions, green growth and algae also build up on tiles and smooth surfaces. Mild, damp weather encourages growth and entire areas outside are quickly covered with an unsightly green film. MELLERUD Algae & Green Growth Remover provides swift assistance, getting rid of the unwelcome coverings in an instant, and is also easy to use. Combined with an impregnator such as MELLERUD Porcelain Stoneware Impregnator or MELLERUD Wall & Masonry Shield it offers the perfect protection against imminent reinfestation!

Active against green growth

MELLERUD Algae & Green Growth Remover

The highly effective concentrate automatically gets rid of algae and green growth from stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramic surfaces. It also prevents a new infestation of algae and green growth. (Use biocide products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

Sealing joints – it comes down to the details

The places that are must susceptible to dirt on tile surfaces are often the joints between the tiles. When sealing tiles, don't neglect this area and specifically seal the joints. Especially in the bath and shower, it is a wise move to protect against moisture, adhesions or mould, and for easier cleaning. Ideally suited: MELLERUD Grout Protector. The procedure for protecting the grouting is similar to the tiles: apply the protector to the clean, dry grouting using a brush, and remove any excess with a cloth after 24 hours at the latest. After 36 to 48 hours the surface can be cleaned again.

Outside with you – natural stone impregnator

Natural stone is a beautiful, high-quality material. And most are far from cheap. So it's all the more annoying when unsightly dirt covers the natural beauty of the stone outside, or the material is exposed to weathering and damp. Whether green growth, spalling as a result of frozen moisture or greasy and oily stains, MELLERUD Marble & Natural Stone Impregnator offers the ideal protection.

When impregnating natural stone, it is vital to start with extensive cleaning. Only by having a dry and clean surface can the natural stone absorb the treatment sufficiently and provide effective and sustainable protection against greasy, oily and aqueous dirt. Incidentally, MELLERUD Marble & Natural Stone Impregnator is also suitable for surfaces made from granite, clinker, ceramic, cotto and sandstone. To the dry, clean surface, evenly spread an amount adjusted to the absorbency of the material. Wipe off the excess before leaving to dry. The impregnator needs a 24-hour development period.

A special natural stone: sandstone

Sandstone outdoors is usually coarse grained, robust and tolerant to frost and acid. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider:

Tip 1

As sandstone has a relatively soft surface, we advise against using pressure washers. The pressure causes the pores to enlarge, making it easier for dirt and algae to take hold.

Tip 2

Twice a year, stone used outdoors should be treated with Algae & Green Growth Remover. This prevents blackening as a result of fungi and other micro-organisms.

Long-lasting pleasure in your flooring – sealing parquet

Wooden floors give a room a distinctive, warm atmosphere. The range of materials and the countless design possibilities make wood one of the most popular flooring materials. However, natural wood also needs regular, special care – especially with heavy traffic as is generally the case for parquet floors. Clean parquet floors using MELLERUD Parquet Shine Cleaner, which you can use exactly the same as a normal cleaning agent. For long-lasting shine and special protection you should also seal your parquet.

MELLERUD Parquet Shine Sealer gives the flooring nourishment and shine without the time-consuming polishing. Applying this product causes a durable film to form that is extra adhesive as well as tread and water resistant. Consequently, the parquet floor becomes dirt repellent, it is protected against scratches and abrasion, and even dull floors are visibly revived. To seal your parquet just apply the sealant neat with a damp cloth and spread evenly. Allow to dry. Finished. There is no need to polish.