The brilliance of summer!

When summer is here, many garden, patio and balcony owners move their focus of life outdoors. To feel at home under the open sky as equally as within your own four walls, your outdoor areas also need to be regularly cleaned. So that you still have time to enjoy the warm season after cleaning, we have produced MELLERUD expert tips. This way you rid the patio, garden and balcony of dirt effortlessly and quickly and can enjoy your well-deserved peace.

Main cause of damp

Even during the summer months there is no break from dirt. Just the opposite. A good example is the windows, where the dirt becomes highly visible under the sunlight. And neither is there any respite from dirt for garden furniture, patio paving or patio wood, barbecues or awnings. Luckily, for every stain and type of dirt MELLERUD has the right cleaning product, which makes removal child's play.

Patios and garden furniture

Natural stone, slabs or hardwood – if a lot of life happens on your patio, stains are not far away. Rust on barbecue legs, greasy stains from food leftovers or bike chains and other contamination. MELLERUD has the right specialist cleaning product. For example, its Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner and other products specifically for treating hardwood. In addition, you will also find the right solution at MELLERUD to sustainably protect the sub-surface from new dirt build-up and weathering.

Tip for patio cleaning

Don't use high pressure!

When cleaning your patio, the high pressure cleaner is not necessarily the best choice! For the water pressure pushes particles of dirt and microorganisms deeper into the material and makes the surface porous. It would be better to reach for MELLERUD Algae & Green Growth Remover

Irrespective of whether garden furniture is stored inside or outside – in summer it is under high demand. To keep your furnishing in good condition at all times, irrespective of the material, you should regularly remove dirt and protect the material well. For example, by using MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner for garden furniture made from plastic, glass, coated metal and wood. Furniture made from hardwood such as teak, robinia, mahogany, beech, oak and bangkirai is cared for using MELLERUD Wood and WPC Cleaner and for the long-term maintenance and sustainable protection, MELLERUD Teak Oil is an excellent solution.

Tip for plastic garden furniture

No pressure! 

Plastic garden furniture gets a grey film over time – and that's very normal. Dust is responsible for this, it deposits and discolours the material. This dirt is indeed stubborn but don't try to remove it with abrasive agents and hard brushes. This causes fine scratches which enables the dirt takes even greater hold. It's better to wipe down regularly and use MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner. This cleans thoroughly and gently, without damaging the material and also maintaining it.

Awnings and barbecues

Besides bird droppings and weathering, the sun is the biggest enemy of awnings. While you are relaxing under its protection, the intensive radiation attacks the material and damages the surface. Using MELLERUD Awning Cleaner you can clean awnings of dirt, MELLERUD Awning Waterproofer provides effective protection against water and all weathering.

Tip for awnings

Only roll them away when dry!

After each cleaning and before rolling them up (particularly for winter storage), the awning needs to be completely dry! Otherwise the damp will cause discolouration from water spots and fungal infestation in the form of mould stains.

Burnt-on and greasy stains on the barbecue are persistent and even in summer, when many barbecues are continuously burning, you still need to regularly clean the grill as a matter of course. Which isn't a problem if you have the right cleaning product to hand. Using MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner you'll be ready for the next barbecue. Simply spray on neat, leave to work for 10 to 15 minutes, work in and rinse off thoroughly.

Tip for BBQs

An all-rounder against grease!

Modern barbecues are no longer made of just a grate and a fire bowl. For all accessories and all materials on and used with your barbecue, MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser is always the right choice. The cleaning product works just as quickly and reliably against grease and greasy deposits on barbecues as it does in the kitchen!

See: MELLERUD will make your summer clean and tidy and you can enjoy the glorious weather and your gleaming garden or balcony without a worry. Have fun!

Practical MELLERUD assistants for a gleaming summer at home!

Spotless throughout the summer with MELLERUD!

MELLERUD Oil Stain Remover

Thoroughly removes and deeply effective against synthetic and mineral engine oil, bike chain oil as well as lubricants and vegetable oil. For driveways, patios, worktops made from natural and synthetic stone, concrete, screed, plaster and ceramic.

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MELLERUD Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner

Dirt, encrusted grease, yellowing, nicotine, oil and soot deposits can be easily removed from tiles, natural, synthetic and concrete stone, synthetic floor covers and PVC, varnished wood and metal using MELLERUD Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner. Perfect for the numerous challenges that summer brings. 

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Wood and WPC Cleaner

MELLERUD Wood and WPC Cleaner

Your hardwood garden furniture needs special care. Use MELLERUD Wood and WPC Cleaner to remove grease, bird droppings and other contamination. Depending on the concentration used, the wood is either restored to its natural state or the silver grey patina is retained. Perfect as preparation for maintenance using MELLERUD Wood Oil Colour Teak .

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Wood Oil Colour Teak

MELLERUD Wood Oil Colour Teak

Long-term care for your hardwood furniture! MELLERUD Wood Oil Colour Teak retains and protects the natural colouring of the wood. It prevents greying and black spots, prevents the wood drying out and makes it water repellent. Apply liberally with a brush, after 10 minutes remove excess oil with a cloth.

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MELLERUD specialist cleaning products for a clean barbecue!

MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner

After barbecuing comes cleaning. Using MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner it'll be an immediate success. The effective formulation of the cleaning product gets rid of burnt-on food leftovers, grease and persistent dirt from stainless steel, ceramic and enamel, in a flash. Also works wonderfully in ovens!

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Kitchen Degreaser

MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser

Dirt and grease residue around the barbecue grill is best removed using MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser. This degreases the entire barbecue and all of its accessories so that they are hygienically clean. Incidentally, the cleaning agent is also perfectly suited to removing the grease film on your car windscreen!

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Useful MELLERUD helpers for flawless awnings!

Awning Cleaner

MELLERUD Awning Cleaner

Awnings protect, therefore they need to be well looked after! Using MELLERUD Awning Cleaner, you gently remove dirt from awnings, and also from sunshades and all natural and synthetic materials in gardens. Perfect in combination with MELLERUD Awning Waterproofer.

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Awning Impregnator

MELLERUD Awning Waterproofer

Effective long-term protection for all awnings! MELLERUD Awning Waterproofer makes the material water- and dirt-repellent, prevents mould stains and makes regular cleaning easier. Ideally, use it in dry and warm weather because heat accelerates the protective effect.

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