Spotlessly clean when travelling in caravans & co.

Many people will soon be starting to think about camping holidays, and caravans, motorhomes and camper vans will be woken from their winter hibernation. In Germany alone, about 3,000 camping sites and overnight accommodation for novice campers to camping experts are awaiting their guests for the new season. But beforehand, caravans need polishing, motorhomes need scrubbing, wheel rims need cleaning and the little mobile home-from-home prepared for the coming months on campsites around the world. 

For your camping home to gleam and sparkle it needs the right caravan cleaner – and the demands are no less than in your real home. To properly enjoy the time in your mobile home-from-home, the MELLERUD CARAVAN range has numerous cleaning and care products. Precisely tailored for use in the camping domain and the requirements of caravans, motorhomes etc. Paint, plastic, metal, acrylic, plexiglass, stainless steel, polyester or chromium – the MELLERUD CARAVAN range has the right caravan cleaner for any challenge. Easy to use and reliably effective as always. From the heavy-duty exterior cleaning to the easy interior and sanitary care, everything is achieved in a flash so that you can then relax and enjoy your well-earned break. Even when faced with very specific dirt problems such as unsightly rain streaks on the motorhome.

Annoying black streaks on your caravan or motorhome?

It's a common sight on motorhomes and caravans: persistent black streaks caused by sealant, dirt and dust. MELLERUD Black Streak Remover is a specialist caravan cleaner that you can use to simply and easily get rid of these little eyesores. The cleaning product is suitable for all painted and synthetic surfaces on motorhomes, caravans, camper vans and boats. In the event of heavy soiling just spray on neat, and immediately spread evenly over the surface using a cloth or sponge. After leaving to work for a short time, absorb the dissolved residue with a cloth – if necessary use a sponge or brush to help, then wash with clean water and buff dry. Finished! After using MELLRUD Black Streak Remover we recommend cleaning your vehicle using MELLERUD Motorhome & Caravan Heavy-Duty Cleaner and subsequently treating the surface with MELLERUD Caravan Shield for added protection against dirt and scratches.

Clean, care, and protect

After getting rid of the black streaks and other loose dirt with a suitable caravan cleaner, next you can tackle the scratches, persistent dirt and minor damage to the surfaces – for example, on the acrylic windows of your mobile home-from-home. MELLERUD's product of choice: MELLERUD CARAVAN Surface Polish. The ideal caravan cleaner to polish your motorhome or caravan and bring to a high shine. The polish rescues the acrylic windows from irritating scratches and defects, and also works exceptionally well on metal surfaces and faded plastic surfaces such as ventilation hatches or awning casing. The material is given a brilliant shine and the polish also provides tarnish protection and an excellent water beading effect.


Sparkling clean to your eyes and nose

One of the biggest challenges for caravan cleaners in terms of hygiene and cleanliness when camping is the camping toilet. MELLERUD's caravan range also has the right aid for this issue. MELLERUD Portable Toilet Additive Active Tabs protects the waste and holding tanks of mobile toilet systems from odours, prevents gas build-up and decomposes organic material such as cellulose (toilet paper) and faeces. The effect is quick, reliable and long lasting, and the additive also provides a pleasant fragrance. Depending on the application, just add one tab including the water-soluble foil to the tank and your camping toilet is sorted!

If you want to whip your mobile home-from-home into shape using MELLERUD's caravan cleaners, you should also clean its wheel rims so that the entire caravan or motorhome radiates brilliant shine – especially after winter, long periods of idleness or after a long journey. MELLERUD Rim Cleaner can help with this. The acid and alkali-free cleaner has an active foam formulation and easily removes even the most persistent dirt such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residues and other traffic dirt from steel and light alloy wheel rims. And of course as well as camper vans, caravans, and motorhomes, it can also be used on cars and motorbikes.

Don't forget your awning and canopy

Especially during winter storage and when travelling, the fabric and material of your caravan awning and canopy suffer – with a spot of bad luck, it may even develop mould stains and mould. On camp sites the material is affected by UV radiation – especially in southern regions – as well as bird droppings and weathering. The caravan cleaning products in MELLERUD's caravan range provide a solution. For example, MELLERUD Awning & Canopy Cleaner Concentrate and MELLERUD Awning & Canopy Waterproofer. The cleaner liberates the material from persistent dirt, the waterproofer works right into the fibres as water and dirt-repellent long-term protection, making cleaning easier and preventing stains forming.

Vital camping utensil: a clean BBQ

It is just as much a part of camping as a caravan, tent or motorhome: the BBQ Frequent use during the season means that cleanliness is essential. MELLERUD can also help here: you can easily clean those difficult-to-reach places on the BBQ with MELLERUD Exterior Grill Cleaner. It was developed for the hard BBQ conditions, offers exceptional adhesion and also cleans inaccessible parts. 

Irrespective of whether you wish to polish your caravan, clean its wheel rims or waterproof the canopy, MELLERUD's extensive caravan range and its numerous caravan cleaners are perfectly tailored to your needs during the camping season. The MELLERUD experts have developed the ideal cleaning solution for every specialist application – all highly effective and extremely easy to use in the best MELLERUD style.

We wish you all happy travels and a wonderful holiday!

Once again, here's a selection of caravan cleaners from the MELLERUD caravan range. You can find the complete range here.



MELLERUD Caravan Regenstreifen Entferner

MELLERUD Caravan Black Streak Remover

Perfect for removing black streaks and also highly effective in dissolving grease, oil, diesel and old polish as well as stubborn dirt caused by traffic and the environmental. Also ideal for removing insect remains.

Reisemobil und Caravan Reiniger

Motorhome & Caravan Shampoo

An effective maintenance cleaner which produces streak-free shine and provides improved water repellence. It protects against renewed dirt build up and is suitable for the routine cleaning of all coated and synthetic surfaces, for example of motorhomes, caravans and boats. What's more, it is biodegradable.

Sanitärzusatz für mobile Toilettensysteme

Portable Toilet Additive Active Tabs

Prevents unpleasant odours and breaks down organic material (cellulose and faeces). Acts quickly, reliably and is long lasting. Free from formaldehyde and chemical disinfectants and is non-hazardous for wastewater treatment plants.

Baumharz und Insekten Entferner

Resin & Insect Remover

Removes fresh and even old resin residues along with stubborn insect remains, for example from coated surfaces, radiator grills, wheel rims, bumpers and number plates, without damaging the surface.

Markisen und Vorzelt Reiniger

Awning & Canopy Cleaner Concentrate

Removes stains and growth, dirt and bird droppings from natural and synthetic fibres such as linen, cotton, polyacrylic, polyester and PVC fabric. Ideal for intensively cleaning canopies, awnings, parasols and sunshades, and is particularly useful before winter storage. Biodegradable.

Rim Cleaner

Acid- and alkali-free rim cleaner with an active foam formula. Effortlessly removes even the most stubborn dirt such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residue, and other road dirt.

Motorhome & Caravan Polish

Cleans, cares for, and protects in one step. Removes persistent dirt and deposits, produces a brilliant shine – with tarnish protection and an excellent water beading effect. For stainless steel, chromium, aluminium, brass, copper, plastic and coated surfaces. Even minor scratches and tarnished areas on acrylic glass are removed. For indoors and outdoors.