Perfect care and cleaning for your garden furniture

Cleaning and treating hardwood garden furniture

Garden furniture made of hardwood is particularly strong and durable and therefore very popular. While rain and sun don’t do much damage, unprotected wood will acquire a silver grey patina after only a short period of time which is not always desired.

MELLERUD offers the perfectly matching treatment product for almost all woods commonly used in furniture. Gentle but effective MELLERUD products are also suitable for deep cleaning prior to protection.

  • Clean greyed furniture before treating: Contamination and microbial growth of wood furniture stored out in the open must be removed before treatment. Oiling would otherwise lead to ugly dark spots.

  • If you want to oil new furniture, it should first be wiped with a teak cleaner to prevent the fungal spores being embedded under the oil layer. This would then lead to unsightly black spots.

  • You can refresh the wood surface with MELLERUD Wood and WPC Cleaner and prepare it for the subsequent treatment.
  • Apply MELLERUD Wood Oil Teak liberally with a brush and use a cloth to wipe away the oil excess after 10 minutes.

  • Avoid metal parts, because it is possible that the oil cannot be absorbed and leaves a sticky layer.

  • Repeat treatment once or twice a year.

  • Store the furniture in a dry dark place in an unheated room in the winter, this means there will be no discolouration and you can simply refresh the wood by reoiling in the spring.
Garden Furniture Cleaner

Cleaning and treating plastic garden furniture

Garden furniture made of plastic needs minimal care and is quite undemanding. But even plastic suffers under severe sunlight and environmental pollution. The surface becomes dull and stained and even chalky in the worst cases. MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner not only makes the surface sparkling clean once again but it also contains treatment products that prevent premature ageing of the furniture. An anti-static agent slows renewed soiling and prevents unpleasant static electricity.

  • Folding furniture often has base metal hinges. They benefit from occasional treatment with machine oil and this also protects against corrosion.

  • Don't wait to treat the surface until it becomes dull as by then it has already suffered. Regular cleaning with MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner will care for your furniture at the same time.
  • If possible, protect the furniture from the sun when not in use as this makes the plastic brittle, not the rain.

  • MELLERUD Green Growth Remover is also suitable for plastic furniture with severe algae formation. Simply spray on, allow to soak in and rinse thoroughly.

Cleaning and treating aluminium garden furniture

Aluminium garden furniture is available in two types: With anodised surface or powder coated and painted. Both versions are very robust and need little care. The painted surfaces are easy to clean and treat with MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner. Anodised surfaces are both extremely hard and robust, but are somewhat sensitive to aggressive cleaners. MELLERUD Garden Furniture Cleaner is also suitable for these surfaces. As the quality of materials can differ greatly, please test on an inconspicuous area first.

Powder coated or painted aluminium surfaces can be treated the same as normal painted surfaces.