Mould prevention during the winter months

Winter is the time of year for mould growth in many homes. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as the MELLERUD Anti Mould – Pro Health campaign demonstrates with expert tips and effective products to actively combat the health risks caused by mould. And it’s often small things that have a huge impact. Angela Krecht is a chemist and runs the development department at MELLERUD. She is also an expert in detecting, assessing and clearing mould (TÜV) and has put together five easy tips to help you prevent mould growth.

Tip 1: Proper ventilation

Ventilation has one main objective: to exchange moist room air for dry outdoor air. Opening windows wide for 10 minutes is better than leaving them slightly open for hours. Unheated cellars are best ventilated only in the winter months, since damp air in the summer turns to condensation on the cold cellar walls and this increases the risk of mould.

TIP 4: Proper furnishing

Do not place large pieces of furniture or hang thick curtains or pictures on external walls wherever possible. They act as internal insulation: the warm room air cannot circulate and the temperature along the wall drops. This results in humidity and an increased risk of mould. Minimum distances: up to 15cm distance from external walls, and at least 5cm distance from internal walls.

TIP 2: Proper heating

The ideal room temperature is a matter of personal preference. What is important, however, is not to let rooms cool down. If windows are left slightly open for many hours, the heat stored in the floors, walls and furniture is lost. Heating the room up again then costs more energy than keeping it at a low temperature.

TIP 5: Proper action

Mould always has a specific cause. It might be the fabric of the building, new thermal insulation, heating too low or wrong ventilation. It is important to identify the causes and resolve the problem. The MELLERUD mould brochure, Anti Mould – Pro Health, is a good place start as it contains lots of tips and important information about mould.

TIP 3: Proper approach

If you are about to move into a new build property, or if new windows are being installed in an old building, this alters a few things with regard to heating and ventilation. New double glazed windows are airtight and do not ventilate “automatically”. New builds are quite often not completely dry when you move in and require more heating and more ventilation too.

Mould spores in the air and the possible consequences

Do you have symptoms such as

  • insomnia,
  • fatigue,
  • common cold,
  • joint pain,
  • sneezing fits,
  • diarrhea,
  • eye irritation and
  • vomiting?

Then these symptoms could be the initial effects of a mould infestation. Skin and respiratory allergies can be triggered, and even a risk of cancer can not be excluded.

Products from MELLERUD: Combating mould. For a better health.

MELLERUD offers a range of products that are perfectly suited to combat a wide variety of mould-problems.

MELLERUD Mould Remover*

The oxygen-based active-gel easily removes mould, fungus formations and mould stains. The deeply penetrating remover works automatically and remains on the surface for very long time due to its gel-like structure. The chlorine-free and odorless mould remover is ideal for children's rooms and bedrooms as well as for kitchens and pantries, since no dangerous fumes or decomposition products are formed during its application. Even the mould removal in cupboards and refrigerators is possible without any health concerns. The active-gel also prevents further mould growth.

MELLERUD Mould Exterminator*

Mould doesn't stand a chance: The MELLERUD Mould Exterminator provides a thorough and long-term destruction of mould, fungus formations, mould stains and bacteria in the home, sauna and in the swimming pool. It reacts immediately and lasting and removes even the most persistent mould - whether its on tile, grout, walls, ceilings, masonry, wood, plastic or silicone joints. MELLERUD Mould Exterminator is chlorinated and therefore has a bleaching effect and disinfects at the same time.

MELLERUD Mould Protection*

The effective mould prevention. The MELLERUD Mould Protection lastingly protects wallpaper, plaster, concrete, brick, limestone, gypsum, natural stone and wood from mould growth. Particularly effective in critical interior areas such as basements, sanitary rooms, the kitchen, bedrooms as well as in the sauna and behind poorly ventilated furniture, cabinets, pictures, mirrors and wall coverings, where fungus tends to grow very fast. MELLERUD Mould Protection is odorless and can even be used in children's bedrooms as well as in living rooms or bedrooms without any health concerns.

MELLERUD Anti Mould Inhibitor*

The intelligent protection against mould: Just add it to plaster or grout fillings, mortar, plaster, glue as well as to wallpaper paste or colors and immediately turn every water-soluble construction material into an anti-mould product. The MELLERUD Anti Mould Inhibitor reacts immediately and long-lasting against the formation of mould, green growth, fungus and algae in all critical areas. It is also a permanent protection against the reformation of fungus in thermal bridges and problem areas with unfavorable air and humidity conditions.


Shows the number of mould spores in the air. Mould spores trigger the growth of colonies on the test surfaces of the "Sporometer". After 4 days, just count the colonies and compare the result with the enclosed reference value table and it will show you reliably whether the present concentration is safe or increased. Anyone who wishes to have a commercial determination of the mould species done, can submit the "Sporometer" together with the enclosed form to a laboratory for examination.

*Always use protective substances and disinfectants carefully. Before using, always read the label and the product information.

10 good reasons for MELLERUD mould products

  1. Premium quality proven millions of times over.
  2. Systematic mould combating: MELLERUD has everything to effectively combat mould.
  3. Simplest type of prevention: The MELLERUD Anti Mould Inhibitor turns all water-soluble materials such as paints, plasters, fillers and wallpaper paste into anti-mould products.
  4. The MELLERUD mould remover is odorless and and can be used for bedrooms and children's room.
  5. For all questions regarding mould problems, MELLERUD as a special hotline, where you can obtain expert advice: Tel. 02163-950 90-999.
  6. The advice is provided by our own specially trained staff.
  7. Child-proof seals prevent hazards.
  8. MELLERUD allows for the timely recognition of threats with the mould quick-test and the option for a subsequent analysis.
  9. The effectiveness of all products is certified and approved by external auditors.
  10. MELLERUD products protect your health and provide security.