Fresh shine for your barbecue

The barbecue season has arrived and, just as it does every year, the dirty grill is causing a problem. Stubborn encrusted dirt can ruin the pleasure of looking forward to a delicious meal. This can be annoying for any barbecue enthusiast. But it doesn’t have to be like this! Cooking residues on a grill or oven can be removed effortlessly with the MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner. To prevent encrusted dirt, we recommend that you repeat the application regularly.

Sensitive surfaces such as lawns, stone surfaces or highly polished surfaces should be well protected before use, e.g. by covering with cardboard or foil.

MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner

Thanks to a highly effective cleaning combination, the Oven & BBQ Cleaner is self-acting and quickly eliminates burnt-in residues and grease deposits. Suitable for stainless steel, ceramic elements and enamel. The cleaner is not only highly effective in the kitchen but is also excellent when used on barbecues, grills, grilling grates, baking trays and collecting trays, stainless steel surfaces and much more.
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MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser

Works quickly, thoroughly and reliably to remove grease stains, films of grease and sticky build-up on the surfaces of cabinets, tables and cookers, work services, extraction fans, pots and tiles. Your kitchen will be completely free of grease and hygienically clean.
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MELLERUD Ceramic Hob Clean & Care

The cleaner makes the daily cleaning of all glass ceramic hobs and glass ceramic cooktops easy. It removes stubborn stains and burnt-on food residues. The special ingredient combination ensures streak-free shine and long-lasting protection.
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Step 1: Allow the grill rack to cool

The surface must be allowed to cool before it can be treated. The application should then be repeated regularly to avoid the baking-in in of residues.

Step 2: Remove solid deposits

Large pieces of dirt must be removed with a spatula before using the MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner.

Step 3: Clean the grill rack

After removing any large pieces of residue, the MELLERUD Oven & BBQ Cleaner can be sprayed onto the surface undiluted or applied with a sponge. The product should then soak in for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Remove residue

Go back over the surface with a sponge or brush, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. For very stubborn encrustations repeat the procedure. If necessary, the soaking-in time of the product should be extended.