Green growth – what can we do?

The severe cold winter is finally over and spring is just around the corner. However, mild and damp weather also encourages the growth of algae and green growth. Pathways, decking, balconies, sculptures and masonry become covered with a green sludge.  This is created by micro-organisms that require moisture to grow.

Main cause of damp

Green growth forms if a surface remains damp for an extended period. This can be caused by the following:

Position of the building

Weather exposure (driving rain), shade (too little sunlight) or proximity to trees, areas of water or agricultural areas (increased nutrient provision). Better air quality, for example, in rural regions also promotes growth.

Low surface temperatures

Thermal insulation means that the outside wall of masonry or roofing is less "heated", it stays cool. This results in increased condensation and poorer drying.


Apart from the fact that green growth and algae look unsightly on fences, paths, decking, sculptures, masonry, headstones etc., there is also a risk:

Material damage

Algae growth is invariably associated with other micro-organisms (fungi) growing at the same time. This biofouling can lead to corrosion (acidic excretion) and surface damage.
In addition, the growth causes microfine cracks in the surface in which moisture collects, which can cause frost damage in winter.

Risk of accidents

Slippery films, primarily on steps, jetties and bridges significantly increase the risk of falling.

Active against green growth

Algae and Green Growth Remover

Highly effective concentrate. Automatically removes algae and green growth from stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramic surfaces. Provides long-lasting protection against new growth of algae and green deposits. (Use biocide products carefully. Before use always read the label and product information.)

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EXTRA TIP: Can also be used to eliminate green growth on awnings, tents or sunshades.

With natural active ingredient!

Algae and Green Growth Killer

Algae & Green Growth Killer

Effortlessly eliminates algae and green growth from stone, wood, glass, plastic, concrete, ceramic and natural stone surfaces without the need of scrubbing. Ideal for window sills, sculptures, flower pots, planters, monuments, tables, benches, fences and many more applications. Prevents green growth from regenerating. Ready to use. (Use biocide products carefully. Before use always read the label and product information.)

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Long lasting protection!

Masonry and Façade Impregnator

Masonry and Façade Impregnator

Stops damp penetrating and acts against driving rain. Penetrates deep. Makes surfaces water repellent without impairing their breathability. Effective protection against driving rain. Water runs off. Minimises soiling and the formation of green growth. Promotes the breathability of the masonry and prevents damaging efflorescence. By greatly reducing the water absorption, the masonry's thermal conductivity is reduced, which results in improved thermal insulation.

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Check out our  Algae and Green Growth video  for further information