Crystal clear transparency

Fireplace and oven glass cleaners are often not as harmless as they seem. It is not uncommon for them to not only remove burnt on material, but to also be aggressive, harsh and corrosive. A case for MELLERUD's laboratory team. MELLERUD is the only brand that offers two cleaning solutions tuned exactly to the cleaning requirements of fireplaces and ovens: the long-lasting adherent foam of the MELLERUD Glass Doors of Ovens and Fireplaces Cleaner (with trigger sprayer) removes even stubborn dirt and is ideal for fireplaces with old panes and for heavy soiling. The MELLERUD Glass Doors of Ovens and Fireplaces Cleaner (in carton) guarantees gentle cleaning and, using natural chalk, is mild and prevents glass corrosion. It also easily removes, rust, grease and dirt deposits as well as combustion residues and dust. Decide for yourself if you value speed or gentleness. You can be certain that both special cleaners work!

MELLERUD Stove and Oven Glass Cleaner

Impressive crystal clear transparency. The active formula quickly and easily dissolves stubborn dirt, e.g. rust, resin and grease. Available in a 0.5 l container.

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3 Tips for crystal clear transparency

TIP 1: Correct application

Please note: The lacquer on new ovens must be burnt in before using the cleaner for the first time. Protect the area surrounding the fireplace from contact with the product. Splashes should be removed and then wiped clean using plenty of water. In the event of contact with the floor, splashes should also be wiped clean using plenty of water.

TIP 3: Dry wood

Wood that is too damp leads to a lower fuel value and thus to the fireplace sooting up faster. Avoid rapid soiling of the panes by using dry wood.

TIP 2: Protect the material

Natural stone and soapstone surfaces are often porous. To prevent rust and dirt accumulating in the pores, the clean surface should be protected using MELLERUD Marble and Natural Stone Impregnator. We recommend using MELLERUD Basic Cleaner Intensive to clean the rest of the oven (everything apart from the glass).

MELLERUD Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner

MELLERUD Marble and Natural Stone Impregnator